Asbury, charcoal

Asbury, charcoal

100% pitkäkuituista puuvillaa


Kevyt, hiilenharmaa dobby-kudos. Kankaan kudos muistuttaa French Oxford -kudosta, mutta tuntuu pehmeämmältä ja kevyemmältä. Vaaleanharmaan värisen loimen ansiosta kankaan rakenne erottuu hyvin. 

Lanka Loimi : 50/1, Kude: 50/1
Koostumus 100% pitkäkuituista puuvillaa
Paino 118 g/m2
Kudos Dobby
Kuviointi Tasavärinen
Väri Harmaa
Paino Kevyt
Sameus Läpikuultamaton
Tekstuuri Normaali tekstuuri
Kiiltävyys Matta
Silitys Normaali silitys
SKU 24-13217

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"Fabric is darker than in the photos."

, 2021-10-25

"Liked the fabric but it wrinkles almost instantly, that's why 3/5"

, 2021-10-19

"The fabric is so comfortable and light."

, 2021-07-22

"Feels scratchy and not soft like I expect cotton to be. But it is thin which I like. The inner fabric of the cuffs and neck is nice. All the stitching is super nice though."

, 2021-06-14

"I expected this fabric to feel a little coarse and thin but was pleasantly surprised. It feels soft and comfortable, has a decent weight to it, irons easily and doesn't pick up unwanted creases too quickly while wearing. The way the colour is portrayed on the site is very accurate."

, 2021-04-15

"This was a cheaper fabric and it definitely feels that way. Wish there was a solid grey in say poplin style of fabric."

, 2021-03-24

"Fabric is very light, but I choose one of the cheapest options so I wasn't expecting much better then what I got"

, 2020-08-25

"Everything matched from the preview pictures perfectly."

, 2020-08-06

"Looks sharp and clean. Got many compliments."

, 2020-02-27

"Tthe fabric was a disappointment. Yes, I know I can order a fabric sample, but how the fabric is cannot be really known Frome such a small sample. The way this fabric stretches easily diagonally makes also wrinkles easily at the front of the shoulder seam where two pieces of fabric, of different directions, meet. It is also a nightmare to iron. The color and the texture of the fabric is nice but it is just too impractical - I will not get another shirt with this fabric."

, 2019-10-28

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